Parish Council

St. Joseph Parish Council
Parish Council is a group of people who together are representing the entire parish and who plan and guide its growth. They are chosen by the parish to join with the Vicar in a special service of long-range planning, the setting of parish priorities, and the implementation of programs.  General membership of the Council includes Vicar, lay people elected by the parish, and special appointees. Together all members of the parish share the responsibility to carry on the work of Jesus in all its dimensions - proclaiming the gospel, worship, social justice, and building Christian community.
Parish Council 2019 - 2020
Mission Director: Fr. Royson Menolickal Cell: 917-345-2610
Trustees: Joshi Thelliyankal

John Thanathan

Cell: 914-552-4610

Cell: 914-426-6573

Bulletin: Joshy Valiamplackal Cell: 646-294-0624
CCD Bobby Vandanath

Abraham Thomas (Joby)

Jijo Valiamplackal

Cell: 914-645-4134

Cell:  914-320-6866

Cell:  914-572-5752

Choir Sr. Clare Poothakuzhiyil 845-400-6182
Liturgy Saji Peechatt

Anu Mundackal

Cell: 845-282-4392
Eucharistic Ministers Sr. Clare Poothakuzhiyil

Paul Kandamkulam

John Thanathan




Altar Service Jijo Valiamplackal

Geena Thadathil



Church Beautification Marykutty Thadathil

Anu Mundackal

Food Benny Parackal

Sujoy Valappan

Jimmy Mundadan

Cell: 347-416-4470
Maintenance Joby Chakkalakal

Anthony Alapatt

Anitha Maliackal

Jimmy Mundadan

Ushers Paul Kandamkulam

Joby Chakkalakal

Anthony Alapatt

Youth Jimmy Mundanan

Geena Thadathil

Ashley Mundackal